About Taragh Bracken

Taragh Bracken grew up in Whitby, Ontario and was born in the charming city of Dublin, Ireland. Interestingly enough, her story took an unconventional shift while she was working in marketing in Whitby.

Taragh Bracken’s Bacckground

For all her life, Bracken thought she would become a journalist. She was always involved in the school newspaper, and found great pleasure in reporting on hot topics within the political sphere. However, she had a habit of remaining restless. She always needed to move and experience new environments. As a student, you would never see her studying in one place. One day it would be a couple hours at the library, next it would be half-way across town in an obscure café.

Seeing Taragh with new friends wasn’t an uncommon sighting. She’d be on the public bus, chatting away with strangers who soon became best friends thanks to her inquisitive nature. She was always up to something new.

Growing up in the small, quaint town of Whitby, Ontario had its perks and cons. One of them being that in a town with a population of about 130,000, everyone begins to know everyone. As a journalist with hopes to report on breaking news—and to be on the road in the thick of it—you can’t help but feel limited in a small town. Thoughts of moving to the big city of Toronto roamed her mind. Although she would always appreciate her small-town roots, she knew she was destined for something greater than herself.

Defying Societal Success Norms

When you grow up and become a member of the “real world”, people begin to define success for you. They tell you that you need to get the best grades in your class so that you can go on to a spectacular university and eventually work an awesome 9 to 5 white collar, office job. You’ll have to work your way up the ladder, often having no choice but to do overtime so that you can get recognized on the job. You strive for the next promotion so that you have a fancy title and corner office to show for your successes. You barely see your family in the heat of work, feeling obliged to take work home on weekends and week nights so that you can climb higher and higher within the hierarchy. And suddenly one day you wake up, and wonder where your life went. You start to doubt what truly makes you happy. And then you look back and realize that half your life was lived for what others would think of you, and not for what you would think of yourself.

A Big Career Move

Bracken, being an old soul, recognized this early on in her life. She decided to make a tough choice—a complete 180 of a career move—by leaving her social media managerial role at Digital Marketing Peoples, which she enjoyed for three wonderful years, and to sell all her stuff. She sold her car, her house and all her furniture with the hopes of travelling around the world.

The Beginning of Taragh Bracken Travels

Bracken created Taragh Bracken Travels in 2010, an online site where she could journey through different parts of the world and report on her own sightings. By living in different cities across Africa, Europe, South America and Asia for a few months at a time, she has the opportunity to meet the locals and get their take on their political and social issues. Through Taragh Bracken Travels, she unearths the mysteries that reign every country she visits by asking inquisitive questions to the people who are first-hand witnesses to it.