A Visit To London With Taragh Bracken

Out of all the cities in England, London is by far the smallest one. However, it also accumulates millions of visitors every year, ranking it as the top visited city in the entire continent of Europe.

An Ancient Bustling City

Taragh Bracken has had the most incredible time visiting the city as it encompasses rich history and culture where everyone can feel free to be themselves. That’s something that Bracken deeply appreciated about this city… No one judges you if it looks like you got out of bed with wonky pants and crazy coloured hair. They’ll shrug it off and keep on walking while minding their own business. In this ancient city, freedom of speech and expression are not only encouraged but actively played out.

Laugh at The Comedy Store

The humour that plagues this city is acidic and sarcastic, thanks to Londoners way of being blatantly honest. One of Bracken’s favourite places to go after dark is The Comedy Store, especially when she is feeling stressed or upset about one thing or another that’s going on in her life. The best way to relieve you from work stressors is to laugh it off, which is a no-brainer at this comedy place. No matter who is playing on the stage, expect them to be the very best. Bracken recommends keeping an open mind if this is your first visit to London, as the flavour of humour isn’t for everyone. If you’re taking a weekend trip to London, then you’ll be there for the Store’s “The Best in Stand Up” shows, as they run through Thursday to Saturday.

Bracken’s Visit to Camden

If you want to get a feel of the eclectic individuals that mark London as a special city with interesting fashion choices and many tattoos and piercings,  then Camden is the place to be. As a tourist, you’ll want to take many photos here. Bracken loves to stroll through this part of London when she’s feeling uninspired and needs a few photos for Instagram.

Live Music Every Night

If you want to do a jig to some live music, you’ll be happy to hear that Camden has lines of small and large venues housing dance parties. Whether it be jazzy ballads or electric pop, there’s a club for you to bemuse in.

A Delicious Food Scene

If you’re looking for fresh, locally-grown food options, then the KERB Camden Market is a must. You can simply take a walk through the market and pick up a delicious lunch to go as you make your way to the next adventures. You might notice the street art and graffiti across all the streets here, despite the often temperamental rainy weather.

If you feel like being seated for lunch instead of visiting a street market, then Gilgamesh is an awesome option if you love Pan-Asian delicacies like Taragh does (after living in Asia for years, you can’t help but love this type of ethnic food!). For a sweet dessert, you’ll need to try the first ever liquid nitrogen ice cream bar. At the Chin Chin Laboratorists, every dish will be an experiment of its own.

Soho Much Fun

If you’re with your girls and want a true, authentic night-on-the-town experience with your friends, then Soho is the it spot. By day it is lined with jazz bars, movie theatres and wafting bakeries–by night it’s all about stage and dance presence.


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