Whitby is located in the Durham Region of Ontario, near the towns of Oshawa, Ajax and even the great city of Toronto. Infused in nature, tourists are enchanted by the rich wildlife and expansive conservation areas. Bracken believes that Whitby is the perfect place for families to settle down. It’s quaint and offers a slower pace of life away from the hectic energy of the city. If you’re passing by this tiny Ontario town, take a moment to visit the Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park that is in Orono. Here, you can spend two and a half hours, interacting with bobcats, baby tigers, and lemurs. The total number of species present at the zoo are 60, and you can even spend a night at this zoo with the bed and breakfast options. In Whitby specifically, the Lyde Shores Conservation Area is a big hit for the everyday passerby. You can witness migratory species here in their natural habitats, such as birds and waterfowl. It’s most definitely a calming experience.


I’m a travel blogger with a penchant desire to discover every corner of the world. From the sand dunes of Africa, to the spicy palette that makes up Asia, and the colourful doors that line up Europe’s dwindling cobblestone roads… I have devoted my entire livelihood to being on the road. The nomad in me believes that we must all experience diverse cultures, ethnicities, religions, foods and languages in order to open up our minds to innovative possibilities and ideas. I capture my whereabouts on my blog (taraghbracken.com) and social media platforms (Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest and Facebook are my favourite channels). Don’t get me wrong… I love spending time with my family and every few times per year I go back to my hometown of Whitby, Ontario to enjoy a merry time with the ones I love the most. My current passions (apart from the obvious travel bug in me): I’m working on writing two novels! I’ve always loved creative writing and journalism. One of my books will be a memoir of all the lessons and experiences I’ve had throughout my travelling journey, while the other is a mysterious fictitious novel.


Taragh’s Irish Background: Taragh Bracken was born in Dublin, Ireland, but grew up in Whitby, Ontario for the majority of her adolescence and early adult years prior to journeying off as a world-renowned travel blogger. So it’s only fitting to feature the lovely city of Dublin as a first in the feature of places to see in the world. Dublin is a magical place, and not because of the folklore concerning banshees, leprechauns and fairies that we all know of dearly. Whether you decide to spend a weekend in this beautiful, quaint, rustic city—or a month or two living it up during an internship—there’s much continued grace to discover. Bracken loves old libraries, especially those with historical significance such as Trinity College’s Old Library that houses the Book of Kells. This manuscript is a Irish national treasure as it made up a part of the New Testament, ranging all the way back to the 9th century. While no cameras can be taken, tourists have the opportunity to take a look at the two majestic volumes via a heavy-weight glass and cautious, strict guards surrounding the Book’s perimeters. If you wish to gain a deeper understanding of the history behind the Book of Kells, the nearby museum provides for all the information you may need. There are many great eateries in Dublin, for those who love food as much as Taragh does. While the Temple Bar is a must for all travellers and Dubliners, an original pub since 1840 that provides divine whiskey and beer and a live band every night. If you’re looking for a real hole-in-the-wall experience, try out Assassination Custard. This spot is another historic reference to James Joyce and Nora Barnacle’s dessert they made for Samuel Beckett when he was assassinated. While only eight people can be seated in the restaurant, the menu changes every day and is fresh and savoury. For a two-star Michelin rating restaurant, you must visit Patrick Guilbaud. This white-glove service is not overly-priced (it’s still expensive though!) despite its well-regarded reputation. If you fancy yourself the history of Ireland’s rebellion of 1798 and the Irish Civil War, which took place between 1922 and 1923, then there’s no better way but to take a visit to Kilmainham Gaol. This was the prison that housed some of the most controversial and lethal individuals. The leaders of the rebellions will forever be associated with the prison, including other renowned individuals by the name of Robert Emmet, Anne Devlin and Charles Stewart Parnell. Unfortunately, there will be recounts of thousands of innocent individuals who were incarcerated for petty crimes, such as stealing food. Especially during the Great Irish Famine of 1845 and 1849 caused by the failure of potato crops, starvation caused desperation.


While Taragh has visited a variety of countries in depth, from Egypt, Romania and Senegal, there are still approximately 195 countries in the world. A continent that is high up on Bracken’s travel bucket list is definitely South America, as she has spent much time traversing through Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The countries that she wishes to tackle first are Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. After spending a few months in South America, hiking grandiose mountains, discovering the reality of the favelas and meeting the locals, she will travel down to the Caribbean for some relaxation and sun. In particular, she’ll discover the wonders of Antigua, Nevis islands, Saint Martin island and Grand Cayman. Turks and Caicos is a glimmering turquoise escape that she also will likely spend a few days afloat. She will rent a boat and live the nomad life on the water, running on the beach every morning as she will dock at the nearest marina.