How To Have A Happy Marriage

Ever since you were five years old and watched Cinderella for the first time, you’ve had your heart set on the fairytale wedding. With ornately designed flowers and bouquets, a scenic outlook to the ocean or prairies, and your most beloved family and friends surrounding you and your fiancee during your special day… You almost don’t think that the day could arrive any sooner. However, before you get your hands tied in a marriage, think through this decision. Because after all, it is one of the greatest decisions you’ll make in your life. Also, you can’t help but know that the divorce rate is at a whopping 50%.

Do They Respect You?

Does your fiancee respect your opinions when you disagree on a subject matter? Do they support you when you are at your worst, and defend you against others who toy to bring you down? Will they listen to you speak and respect your space? These are all vital questions that our attorneys at the Taragh Bracken Law Firm assess before going through with the marriage certification that is founded in common law. Love may slightly extinguish in your marriage, but respect is something that should be consistent through and through. You can’t regain respect, however you can re-ignite your love for one another.

Cross The Bridge Together

When in a long-term relationship and potentially a marriage, you are both bound to traverse challenges within each partner’s life. From swaps and uphill battles in your career, to health issues and deaths in the family, your partner is there to appreciate and support you during the toughest moments of your life. If you don’t want to lose your husband or wife, then make sure that they never walk the minefield of life’s troubles alone. This is how you will lose them. You need to be there walking through with them in the minefield instead of waiting for them on the other side.

Stop Keeping Score

This is something that you’ve been practically taught to do from an early age. You and your friends will easily compare grades in math class, and challenge each other to beat the lead soccer player next season. It always seems to be a competition, but this is one of the main reasons Taragh Bracken believes results in the failure of marriages. As a firm who has represented various partners in divorce cases, we know that these constant calculations will only make you feel miserable in the end. Why? Because it reduces your trust and connection with your spouse. Instead of remaining angry for your spouse for never doing the laundry or drying the dishes, keep score of all the positive gestures he/she does for you. Once you thank him/her every time, you’ll soon enough recognize that they’ll want to do the same for you from the bottom of their heart.

Practice Humility

Humility goes hand-in-hand with honesty. We are not robots roaming the planet. We are humans with flaws, vices and emotions. You are bound to do something out of line every once in a while. Whether it be eating your emotions or maxing out the credit card, you’ve got to have some humility and tell your partner. Many marriages have been ruined due to lies and games.


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