Custody and Access


Custody is broken down into four subcategories

There is Joint Custody: Where both parents  receive equal rights and responsibilities towards the upbringing and major decisions concerning their child at all times. Therefore make joint decisions and are recognized by the courts to make such decisions for the upbringing of the child.  However; it is important to note in this scenario that one parent cannot make a decision without getting the validation and approval from the other partner.

Sole Custody is when only one parent receives the rights and responsibilities towards the upbringing and major decisions of their child. In this scenario one parent can make a decision without getting the validation from the other parent. It would be a polite gesture to let the other party know of the decisions that would be made but it is not mandatory. At Taragh Family Law firm we insure that the rights are upheld and respected.


Shared Custody  Is when the custody is shared between the two parties but yet one parent receives nearly the same rights and responsibilities towards the upbringing and major decisions in a child’s life. It is not fifty fifty, it can sometimes be forty sixty. Therefore one parent would have more control over the wellbeing of the child. This agreement is passed and ruled in court, with the approval of all the parties involved.


Split Custody When there are multiple children involved another structure is taken into place where parents alternate their time spent per child whiles children also relocate from one parent to another. Strict guidelines are put into place and we insure that the guidelines are respected.


Access In the event that a parent does not get any custody on their child (children) they are still given what in legal terms is called “access”. They are able to gain information regarding the child about school, health, and the well-being of the child in general. Though they do not have custody over the child the partner cannot refuse such information to be provided. The parent with access rights also has the permission to spend time with the child on a limited basis.


Child Abduction

Child abduction occurs when the parent that does not have custody of their child takes the child away from their former partner without their knowing and without their approval.

In the event that you feel as though your child has been abducted by a family member it is imperative that you contact the police force immediately. Speaking with a family lawyer such as the Taragh Bracken Family Law Firm  as soon as possible is also highly recommended in order to gain a better understanding as to what steps to take.

In the event that custody has not been granted to either parties and a child has been abducted without consent it is never too late to start an application for custody in the family court system. Within that application you may place a request for the access and custody arrangement of the child.