About Taragh Bracken


Taragh Bracken is a well known and dedicated legal practitioner. Her main focus within the litigation world is mainly family law and immigration matters.

After completing her University studies with an Arts Degree, B.A Econ from the University of College Dublin Taragh was determined to go after an extensive career in law as that was her true passion. She received a great opportunity in Ireland within the law society called the Roll of Solicitors in 1996. A very prestigious and distinguished role that was not turned down by our brilliant lawyer. She took the role with great enthusiasm and zeal. This was only the beginning of her wonderful career in law.

Twenty years later she still practices law with great intensity and diligence. Treating her clients with equal care and dedication; ensuring to solve each case that she comes across or find a solution that benefits her clients and also gives her the reassurance that she did her absolute best.

Currently, Taragh Bracken is a highly respected and admired lawyer for Taragh Bracken Family Law Firm and advocator in Whitby Ontario since 1999. She has come across all martial issues as well as children related problems. During a divorce or a separation the parents are usually so engulfed  in their issue that they unfortunately have the tendency to neglect their children. They are feeling such intense pain, emotionally that they forget that their child may be going through the same time. They have the tendency to become selfish; to only think about what struggles they have to face, without thinking of the children involved.  Taragh Bracken has the expertise and years of training to combat such issues as she is able to put herself into her customers shoes by engaging in deep conversations with the clients while giving great attention to their body language.


Taragh Bracken deals with clients from different walks of life therefore she is able to adapt to different personalities and different situations in order to accommodate her clientele. Taragh Bracken is a an expert negotiator regarding family or domestic contracts. She possesses extensive experience in marital agreements  as well as separation agreements.

Taragh Bracken has different daily responsibilities as they vary greatly based on the type of client she is dealing with and the situation at hand. These responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:


  • Interviewing clientele
  • Providing legal advice as well as performing extensive research to get a better understanding of the situation at hand
  •  Attending site inspections
  • Presenting argument before a judge and arguing it out until a solution is brought forth
  • Drafting juridical documentation such as motions, briefs discovery and more

Taragh Bracken does have great experience within other regions of law in general, however her greatest expertise is specifically family law as it is a practice that is dear to her heart. All legal matters within the family are taken care of by Bracken, which are later on negotiated in court. Bracken is recognized for her direct approach and precision when when in court. She takes an extensive amount of time to go through the files belonging to the client or the judge in order to be as well informed as possible. She is a highly respected and revered lawyer. She is always willing to help and her prices are affordable in comparison to other law firms.

This is yet another quality that sets her apart from other Canadian lawyers;  she is very humane when dealing with her clientele.