Taragh Bracken Family Law Firm offers expert knowledge and advice regarding your legal rights as an individual or a business. When dealing with a legal situation it is imperative to get as much support and representation as possible. One can go online to search for more information regarding a certain case but nothings beats a face to face interaction with an expert within a specific domain. Every clients’ situation is analyzed and taken into great consideration as they offer affordable yet adequate services. They understand their clients not only on a professional level but on a personal level; putting themselves into the shoes of their clients. Their ultimate goal is to win a case, however before doing so one must have a winning team. They ensure to build a trusting relationship with their clients and to get a complete understanding of what has occurred within the family situation to them be able to understand the feasibility of the matter. Taragh Bracken Family Law Firm will take the time to meet with you in person and over the phone in order to ask you all the necessary questions for a more in-depth understanding of your situation. The commitment demonstrated by Taragh Bracken Family Law Firm is an attestation of the strong sense of confidence, joint admiration and connection shared between the company and their clientele. The Taragh Bracken Family Law firm has great reputation within the Whitby Ontario area and we are proud and confident to say that we are going stronger every day.


The Taragh Family Law firm is a highly trusted and reputable establishment within Whitby Ontario. With more than two decades of expertise in the field Taragh Bracken has helped individuals and businesses around the world by providing them with great quality legal services. Clients opt for Bracken legal firm as it is a welcoming, receptive yet highly professional law firm that provides advanced legal expertise throughout all major concentrations. The lawyers in place have numerous years of experience and have won many cases in the past. Their main goal is understand their clients in order to offer the best service possible. Taragh Family Law firm supports its clientele throughout all the major concentrations with a specialization on family law and immigration. The large and experienced support staff allows its lawyers to provide personalized attention to detail when dealing with individual cases in order to achieve great success and win their cases. The clients are put at ease with the trusted representatives at this institution as they place their best foot forward: TRUST.


Custody and Access In a relationship where children are involved, both parties have equal rights and responsibilities to their children. Decision making as well as quality time spent with the child are all included in the rights and responsibilities of a parent. In a situation where the parents are no longer a couple as they separate or divorce the rights and responsibilities towards the child would still need to be sustained. It is therefore very important to come to an agreement as to how the rights and responsibilities of the child or children will be shared between both parties. The legal term for this process is “access” or better known as “custody”. Knowing that it is a very difficult and sensitive situation to go through; at the Taragh Bracken Family Law Firm we ensure to walk you through the steps of required. We make ourselves readily available as you may have questions and concerns during the process. To give you the peace of mind required we provide you with as much information and detail regarding the options available to you. The concept of custody is the parental responsibility allocated to an individual towards the major decisions in a child’s life. An example to this would be the school your child will go to. Would it be private or public? The family doctor you would like your child to have. What instrument would you like your child to play? Are there any extra curricular activities that you would like your child to be involved with? How long will he be spending on his homework on a daily basis? All these must be taken into consideration and a settlement must be taken between both parties.


The lawyers at the Taragh Bracken Family Law Firm are very much dedicated to taking the time to break down all aspects regarding your individual file. Your satisfaction is important to us and our professionals will support you during the entirety of your legal process. We insure to meet with you as well as all the parties involved and go through the services that we offer. Every individual is different and as such we will take a humanistic approach by dealing with you differently as well. Communication can never be overemphasized. We ensure to keep you in the loop at all time. You may reach us by telephone or by email, somebody will always be there to help. We will keep you up to date regarding any new findings or decisions ruled by the court. We have represented many clients in the past but we ensure to take every file as a new situation all together therefore we will be representing you with great vigor and enthusiasm in court and during meeting sessions. Together we make a winning team! I need you just as much as you need me, and together we will get through whatever situation you may be going facing.